The Fraser Delta Gyro Club was inaugurated on April 27, 1956. Today it has approximately 20 members.

When does the Fraser Delta Gyro Club meet?
The Fraser Delta Club meets the first and third weeks of the month on Wednesday evenings from early September to the end of June, with the exception of Christmas holidays.

Where does the Fraser Delta Club meet?
The Fraser Delta Club meets at the Quilchena Golf Club at 3551 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC for most meetings. . Approximately once per quarter, the meeting is held at a different site depending on the event
What is the format of a “Regular” meeting?
The cocktail hour starts at 6:15pm; dinner is served by 7:00pm and the meeting usually starts at approximately 8:00pm. The meeting runs for approximately 30 minutes and concludes the formal part of the evening. Optional fun and games follow.

What is the difference between “Regular” and “Business” meetings?
The third Wednesday each month is a “business” meeting. A business meeting is no different than a regular meeting, with the exception that the minutes of the executive meeting are read for information purposes and important items may be discussed and voted upon.

What is served for dinner?
A set dinner is served, although, we can accommodate those with special dietary needs. A dinner consists of bread, salad, a main course, coffee, tea and dessert.

What is the cost of the meal?
The total cost per meal is $45.00 This includes your meal, the facility fee, taxes and gratuities. This is to be paid to our Greeters during the cocktail hour and is payable by cash or a cheque to the Fraser Delta Gyro Club. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased separately from bar which accepts cash and credit cards.

What is the cost to join and what are the annual dues?
There are no membership or entry fees for new members.
Dues are pro-rated to the end of the fiscal year and will be billed.
Annual dues are currently $270.00
Dues are billed at $135.00 semi-annually.

What is the difference between a: Member and a Guest?
Member: A member in good standing has been installed into Club and paid their annual dues.
Guest: Current members are encouraged to bring a friend they feel may be a good fit for the Club. This allows guests to enjoy the Gyro experience to see if they would be interested in joining Gyro. The first visit for each guest is usually paid for by the person who invites and the second is paid for by the Club. From there, the guest or the inviter pays.

How to become a member – The Path to Membership
1) Complete a membership application listing two members in good standing as sponsors. If you do not know two members, speak with the Club President.
2) Annual dues are billed semi-annually.

How and when are new members installed?
1) In the Fraser Delta Gyro Club, new members are typically installed within a month after they are accepted by the club.
2) Each club has an installation weekend at which time the new club executive (board members) and new club members are sworn in. Members from all other Gyro clubs are invited to attend. Fraser Delta’s installation is traditionally the first weekend in May. Installations are generally a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event with a formal-attire Gala evening on the Saturday night.
3) The cost of this mixed event is estimated at $150.00 per couple and is billed semi-annually at $75.00 per billing.

What is the dress code?
The dress code for weekly meetings is business casual and defined as dress pants and a button-down shirt; ties are mandatory on formal and occasions and optional at regular meetings. Jackets at regular meetings are optional in hot weather.

What is the expectation of attendance?
Gyro has no minimum required attendance. We are very flexible! Come as often as you enjoy and are able; Gyro is all about fun. Just because we meet bi-monthly does not mean you need to attend. We have some members who attend only once per month. We also have some snowbird members who are away for months at a time.

What level of commitment is expected?
You can have as much or as little involvement as you desire. Some members are interested in leadership or volunteer opportunities. These are strictly voluntary; there is no pressure whatsoever. Some members enjoy traveling to other club’s installations and partaking in the international friendship of the organization. This too is optional.

What special activities tend to happen during any year?
Aside from the bi-monthly meetings, what are some events I could participate in? What about my wife or girlfriend?
The Fraser Delta Club has a large variety of events that may be of interest; italicized events are mixed company:
Fraser Delta Gyro Club Installation
. Fraser Delta Annual Golf Tournament
. Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner
Evening-on-the-Town Dinners
 Special Speakers on Current Topics
Annual Summer Barbeque
Yorke Brimacombe Golf Tournament
Fraser Delta Gyro Theatre and Dinner Event
Christmas Party
Day at the Races – Hastings Park
. Poker Night
. Evening at the Races – Fraser Downs Trotters
• V.P.’s Pub Night