The Gyro Club of Fraser Delta began as the Gyro Club of Kerrisdale in 1956. It began because of an ever growing Gyro Club of Vancouver.

Our Club eventually moved  their meetings to Richmond to be closer to where the majority  resided.

In 2008 we changed our name to better represent the area  where our members lived.

The following were the founding members of our Club:​    


President – Douglas D. Darling
Vice President – Victor J. Hay             Secretary – Sam Levis       Treasurer – Donald S. Darling
Director – William E. Brisbin              Director – Ronald.A Park    Director – F. Lorne Yorke


Bris Brisbin                Harry Carr           Hey Claxton            Don Darling                   Doug Darling

Gord Drainie            Jim Finlay         Fred Fulton             Vic Hay                          Bob Horne

Rex Jackson            Hugh Langton           Sam Levis           Ben Lockhart              Ken Mayhew

Groffe Murdoch         Cliff Murphy         Jim MacKay       George McKenney       Berk Neff

Ron Park            Jim Paton                  Rich Whitehead        Dick Wright               Lorne Yorke